Feb 16, 2017

Our weekend at the Berlin Comic Con 2016

Last year I attended my first ever Comic Con, the first ever Berlin Comic Con at that! It was definitely an unique experience and I will most definitely go again, but my review will also have a bit of criticism. Especially it being the first event taking place in Berlin there were a few organizational flaws. But let's start in the beginning.
Just a few days before the Con I finished my upcycled Star Wars skirt, which was perfect for my first Comic Con outfit.
We didn't have a plan for the first day. Since it was a Saturday we slept in and didn't really study the program before heading to the convention hall. We just wanted to get an overview, so we could focus on the things we really wanted to see on the next day.

I was actually pretty glad that we didn't get there right when it opened, because I hate waiting in line with a bunch of people and when we got there around noon the lines were gone and it took us no time to get in. The first hall we went into (there were only two halls) had the panel stage, the signing tables and the photo shoot area in it, as well as a bunch of shopping stalls. Making our round we ran straight into this happy fellow at the signing tables:
Sylvester McCoy
Natalia Tena
Devon Murray
Christopher Lloyd
These were only a couple of the star guests that were signing for their fans. I still find the whole stars sitting in a row signing autographs for money thing a bit weird, but I guess this is the way it's done at all the conventions. It was just really sad to see all of the less popular celebreties who barely had any people coming up to them next to the handfull of super popular one like Christpher Lloyd and Sylvester McCoy.

There were also some guest cars ;)

They also had a Delorean, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

We spent most of the day just walking around and taking everything in, but we found this one shop in the other main hall that had some amazing T-Shirts with handsketched comic designs. When we found the booth there were barely any people stopping to look at the shirts, so we stuck around a while to pick out a shirt for each of us and the more we stuck around the more people were checking out the shirts :D

The shop is called Chapter #1 Shirts, I got this super cute wind fox shirt and the husband got this red panda shirt. I was also very tempted to buy this purple wig, which I ended up buying the next day after asking my internet friends on istagram if I should get it or not.

We also watched a bit of this Star Wars panel with Greg Grunberg (Lost, Heroes & Star Wars; JJ Abrams best pal, basically) and Ray Park (Darth Maul/Star Wars). I have no idea what they were talking about, but it looks entertaining ;)

The best part of the Comic Con Saturday was definitely all the Cosplay. There were some pretty cool people with amazing costumes around.


That was our first day! Not bad for the first Comic Con in Berlin.

For the next day we had scheduled some fixed appointments, the first was my date with James Marsters (Spike/Buffy & Angel) at his Panel. Here's a bit of a picture spam from the Panel:

James was incredibly likeable and funny during his panel. He talked about new projects and of course the reason why most people came to see him: his performance of Spike in Buffy and later the spin-off series Angel. He told us a few anecdotes from that time. For example that he always felt about Sarah Michell Gellar like she was his little sister and was not too excited about playing her lover. He also took his time to answer numerous audience questions, mostly about Buffy, but also about Torchwood and other projects. Too bad he only got 45 minutes to talk, I could have stayed and listened for a couple more hours. Such a nice chap!

Here's some more impressions from the Con on Sunday:



The husband is already wearing his Chapter One T-Shirt.

Our next stop was another highlight: Don Rosa, the comic book author and illustrator known for his stories about Scrooge McDuck was at the Con to sign his artwork and books. I wanted to get his book "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" for my dad a while ago and when I found out he would be at the Con I figured a signed copy would be an even better present!

I also had him sign one of his autobiography flyers for me as a keepsake. If you're confused about the chilis next to him in the picture, so were we! Apparently he is a huge chili fan, grows his own and brings it to give to his fans at every convention. What a weirdo ;)
Got to meet the professional Spock Look-Alike impersonator Spock Vegas who was available for pictures for a donation to a charity. Many people did not get this and were put off when, after asking for a picture with him, were informed about the compulsary donation. Other people just took photos without even asking, even though he had posters next to his stand saying "Cosplay does not mean consent!". His stand was also placed in the most awkward spot possible, pretty much in the middle of the walkway between the comic artists and their panel stage (which was hidden in the corner of the very back of the hall and accordingly very sparely visited).
For some reason they had a Zombie head shelf inspired by the Governor's Zombie head aquarium set up from The Walking Dead.
Our last stop was the living celebrity zoo at the signing table. I had contemplated about getting James Marsters autograph all day and finally decided that I would get one.
The husband demanded to take a picture of Ray Park, so here it is.
Look at that smile! Isn't he a sweetheart? The way he took his time for every fan to get his autograph. Swoon ;) I even brought my Buffy script of the musical episode "Once more with Feeling" to have signed. And I also got a signed picture (even though I only paid for one autograph).

We actually had a little chat while he was signing my picture and script about being married to a German, because I thanked him for coming to Germany and he said that he was here very often because he is actually married to a German. And I was like, nuh uh, I also got myself an american husband. And then the husband and him exchanged a bit of banter about America and James joked about coming to live in Germany if Trump won the election. Ummm... yeah.
Sadly my memory is crap, but I do remember walking out of the Con blissfully after that meeting and it was definitely my highlight of the weekend.

All in all I would say it was a successful event with a little bit of an organizational problem. For this year I am hoping that they will get that settled and maybe print some maps and schedules to get around more easily. Well, that's all I got for now. Here's our Con Loot:

Jan 8, 2017

Picturesque Month ~ 11'&12'16

November was pretty uneventful, so here's November and December in one post.

~ The Berlin Planetarium reopened after renovations and we went to see the music show Queen Heaven, a multimedial lasershow created by Brian May in 2001. Really weird show, but the planetarium is definitely worth a visit!
~ Let's do Yoga! Started with the 30 days of Yoga with Adriene, haven't quite finished yet...
~ I went to my first ever sewing class hosted by the lovely Anne from Partywoods. We made a raglan style sweater from scratch, including constructing the pattern. Blogpost coming soon!

~ Hosted my second ever workshop just a few weeks after my first one at Dawanda's Long Night of DIY. Since we had so many melting beads left over I asked if I could do a round two at the Snuggery. The night did not start well though. I left work early so I could prepare the Snuggery, but Obama crossed my plans by paralyzing the public transport during his Berlin visit. It took me 1 1/2 hours instead one 1/2 an hour which made me late for my own workshop. But I wasn't the only one who got obstructed by traffic, pretty much everyone else was late as well and due to a flu epidemic we ended up with only 9 people including me and Annika from Dawanda, but it was really nice and cozy this way. The exact opposite of my previous workshop!
I ended up making a Batman style picture frame. And my friend Minh from Studio S3nnobara made this cute Pixelbird which is going to be one side of a handbag actually.
~ Thanksgiving! Each year we celebrate with a feast to feed an army ;) It was only the two of us this year, so we had lots of leftovers for the next days.

~ Got to see Drangsal again. He is definitely one of my top artists of 2016! Too bad the show was pretty short. If I had paid for the ticket I would have been a little dissapointed. 4/5 Bazooka Points
~ On the same night I attended the 7 year birthday bash of the Snowhite music label. I actually started my music biz career with Snowhite 7 years ago, I was their first intern!
~ The first time I saw Royal Republic live was at an acoustic showcase at work, so this concert was a whole other world. They rocked pretty hard! 5/5 Bazooka Points for a definitely must see live performance.

~ Drunken fun at our annual office christmas party! It was themed Spacestation X-Mas and I got to take out my handsewn Star Wars skirt again.
~ More work fun at the movie premiere for the Winnetou tv trilogy. We distributed the soundtrack to the films, so we got invited to mingle with the cast and crew and some german f-list celebrities to watch the first movie on the big screen.

~ Went to the re-opening of Colours Second Hand store, which is now a Pick'n'Weight Vintag store. They have a massive selction of vintage clothing in the front which is set with insane Kilo prices, but they also have a set price section in the back which also has a ton of vintage items at a reasonable price. I found two pieces of clothing that day, a silk blouse and a dress in the "low end" section, which is 1€ a piece. Score!
~ Won a package of adhesive nails and screws in Luloveshandmade's Give Away, she also added some of her awesome handlettering prints <3~ Speaking of winning stuff. I also took part in Kathastrophal's DIYyoucloset Give Away with my Star Wars Skirt and won a fabric package and an online sewing class from Makerist.

~ Time for homemade christmas presents! I teamed up with Anne from Partywoods to make our very own Ginger beer as a present for our husbands. It turned out delicious, maybe I'll write up a post for that later!
~ Spa Day with the Ladies <3 We went to the thermal spring spa in Bad Belzig and spent half a day soaking in hot pools and sweating in the sauna. A perfect start to the holidays!

~ Merry Christmas! Our alternative christmas tree this year was a chain of lights tree. I only made half a tree which reflected in the balcony window. Our other alternative tree's include the TP Christmas tree and this Pixel Christmas tree.
~ We tried out my homemade Ginger beer on Christmas Eve. Together with some vodka and limes it made a perfect Moscow Mule!

~ Christmas time is boardgame time! We tried out the Starship Catan game I thrifted a while ago. It was pretty fun! Had the "fireplace" running all Christmas long, it gives such a nice atmosphere.
~ Waiting for the family to arrive. Everyone came to visit us this year, so we ended up not leaving the house for three days :D
~ On of my favorite presents from the husband: a cassette tape player and usb converter. Had to test it out immeadiately and converted some of my vintage The little Vampire audio book tapes. Now I can listen to them anywhere!

~ We went on a Minication to Nottingham between Christmas and New Years. Check out this beautiful room provided by our Airbnb host.

~ Visited Batman's home on this sunny, but chilly December day. Wollaton Hall was filmed as Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises. The husband likes to sneak into my selfies!
~When in Nottingham, you have to visit Robin Hood!

~ Went to the beautiful Church Rock Cemetary for a walk among the graves. I have never seen so many gravestones in one place!
~ You gotta have some fish and chips when you're in Britain! I had them in the oldest pub of England, Ye olde Trip to Jerusalem.
~ They have a "Cursed Galleon" above the bar, which is supposed to have killed anyone who touched it! Scary, it was sitting right behind me the whole time...

~ Spent our last morning before flying back to Berlin at the local Kitty Cafe. I love cats so much, even though I'm allergic. Took an allergy pill right before we went inside and spent a lovely time petting some cute cats and drinking tea.
We got home on New Years Eve which we spent watching the Big Fat Quiz of the Year, just the two of us. I hope you all had a lovely New Years celebration and here's to a fantastic year 2017!
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